Website Design

There are several elements to having a good web presence.  You need a website, a mobile website and a Facebook business page.  Today, just having a good website isn’t good enough.  Google and other search engines will drop your site ranking if you don’t have a good mobile website.  That’s because most people use their phones and tablets to search the web.  Facebook business pages also help, because your followers will see your updates automatically.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is also a key factor.  There are a lot of good looking websites that don’t resolve well when people are searching for a product or service.

Website Design
Mobile Website designed by Call Armistead Computer Services
Mobile Website


Here are some websites I’ve designed & maintained

Twin Rivers Realty

Head & Associates

 Pamunkey River Guns

All Purpose Covers

All Stewed Up Catering

 Country Courier

Parrish & Lebar

I’m doing a DEMO site using Wix

Click Here to visit it