King William Internet Connectivity Initiave

King William County is looking at updating their Internet Service options.  


There was a survey I’ll see if I can get the final copy since the link has expired.

King William Inernet Middle Mile



Thanks to everyone who attended the Public Information meeting on March 16th

King William High Speed Internet Broadband Meeting March 16th, 2017


Links of Interest:

Here’s a Facebook group King William Hi-Speed Internet

King William County’s website’s article ‘IS BETTER INTERNET SERVICE IN KING WILLIAM’S FUTURE‘ by Gene Campbell and Ed Moren

Article in the Tidewater Review: King William to hold broadband information session

March 14th NBC 12 on your side report: King William neighbors long for high-speed internet

March 16 Tidewater Review article: King William committee discusses broadband improvements


Older Articles

Tidewater Review’s article May 10, 2016: King William broadband study complete

May 24, 2016 link to Governor McAuliffe’s Internet Initiative – and here are the survey results Virginia RU Online Map