Truetone Kay Amp

I picked up a vintage Truetone Kay 9528C Amplifier (same as a Kay 803) from an online Trash & Treasure site. These amps were made in 1964-65.  It’s a small amp with only a volume and tone control and puts out 5 watts.  I only paid a few bucks for it because it wasn’t working properly.  I checked all the basics and cleaned the tube sockets with DeoxIT before firing it up.  It’s still all original, so I’ll probably have to replace the capacitors.  There’s a lot of hum and little output.

Vintage Truetone Kay 9528C Tube Guitar Amplifier
Truetone Kay 9528C Amp


Truetone Kay 9528C Schematic
Truetone 9528C Schematic


Truetone Kay 9528C Part List
Truetone Kay 9528C Part List


Demo of the amp after cleaning the input jacks (they were not getting a good ground) and tube sockets.  The next step is to replace the caps (which are original) and hopefully that will eliminate the hum.