This is about my personal interest, hobbies, etc. Just to give you a little insight about me. I’ve lived in Virginia my entire life. I moved to Aylett in 1995 and have watched the county develop and grow. When it’s warms out, I enjoy spending time on the Mattaponi river Sky-Skiing and helping people with other water sports. Over the winter I pull out my dirt bike and take slow laps around the track to try to stay in shape. I also have a lot of pets (dogs, cats & goats). I like taking pictures too.

SkySki Hydrofoil on the Mattaponi River in Walkerton, Va.
SkySki on the Mattaponi River

I spend a lot of evenings and weekends on the Mattaponi River.  I launch out of Walkerton, Virginia.  I have a SkySki and I hope to advance my skills this year, becauss last summer I didn’t.




Tube Guitar Amp Project
Guitar Tube Amp Project

Here’s a guitar amp project I’m working on.  It’s almost complete now.  I used a cabinet from a solid state Pignose amp and converted a Hammond Organ AO-44 reverb amp into a guitar amp.  I think I need to add an additional pre-amp section because it needs just a little more oomph. (Or I could just use a pedal to boost it)



Midway Stunt Pilot EM Arcade
George enjoying Midway’s Stunt Pilot Arcade Game circa 1971

I’m fascinated with the 70’s EM (electro-mechanical)  arcade games.  It’s cool to see what they could do without computer circuits and video graphics.  This is Midway’s Stunt Pilot.  There’s a hologram biplane that flies around and the goal is fly over or under the objects without crashing.


Armistead Saffer playing 1975 Hohner HG-740 Acoustic Guitar in Aylett, Virginia
A little late night playing on my vintage Hohner HG-740 acoustic guitar.

I’ve been playing guitar since I was twelve years old.  I play both electric and acoustic guitars.  Enjoy playing with other people so I can lean new songs and styles.  I still play the Fender Strat and Hohner acoustic I got back when I was in college.  I also still have my first electric an Epiphone Genesis Deluxe that i bought at a record store when I was in high school.